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Watercolour painting

watercolour learn strokes and colours
watercolour learn strokes and colours
watercolour flower bouquet
watercolour flower bouquet

Watercolour painting is the process of painting with pigments that are mixed with water. It is easy to clean up, inexpensive, and less wasteful.

What you need:


Watercolors come in three different grades: children’s, student grade, and artist grade.


Use good quality synthetic or real-hair brushes.
Round with a nice tip: Nr2, 6, 10
Angular Nr 6

PictureUP BEGINNER Watercolour Workshop

Learn how to hold a paint brush
Learn the 5 basic watercolour techniques
Practice Strokes for LEAVES
Practice Strokes for FLORALS


Watercolor requires special paper because of absorbency.
There are three main points of your paper that will affect the end result of your watercolour piece:
Min. 180gsm paper.

  • Weight (how thick or thin it is)

  • Texture (how rough or smooth it is)

  • Absorbency (directly related to paper sizing)

5 basic Watercolour Techniques

  • Wet-on-dry (paint on dry paper)

  • Wet-on-wet (paint on wet paper)

  • Building up colour (from plain water to a saturated paint mix)

  • Creating gradience (with two colors and slowly transitioning from one to the other)

  • Getting precice (painting around edges of shapes in a controlled way)

watercolour palette
watercolour palette
watercolour blue and green leaves
watercolour blue and green leaves
watercolour shades
watercolour shades